Sometimes being a parent or carer can be a very challenging but rewarding job. Everyone needs a bit of help support and we have outlined some ideas to help with the challenging role of being a parent.

Managing Misbehaviour 

  • Disciplining a child does not work if you don’t give the child praise and positive attention as well.
  • Attention and encouragement for good behaviour will mean an increase in that behaviour and less unwanted behaviour. 
  • To deal with this unwanted behaviour you must be; 
    • Immediate. Deal with it then and there. 
    • Consistent. They get in trouble for it every time they do it. 
    • Decisive. Make a decision and stick to it, even if you think later that you weren’t completely correct. 
  • Ground Rules: Tell them what to do, eg; Use nice words when we talk to each other. 
  • Talking about the rules: When they don’t use nice words, remind them of the rules and ask them to use nice words instead. 
  • Ignoring: Deciding before they do something you don’t like, what you will do about it. 
  • Giving instructions: Go to your child, look them in the eyes (if you can) and stay as calm as possible. 
  • Logical Consequences: Thinking of common sense penalties or punishments for unwanted behaviour. 
  • Quiet time: space away from what the child was doing but still in the area. Chill time or deep breath time. 
  • Time out: Time in a designated spot for an amount of time as punishment for unwanted actions.

REMEMBER…….  Only tackle one issue at a time.

  • It sometimes gets worse before it gets better.
  • Remember, it does work eventually. This has been tested before by lots of other parents and carers.
  • If you stop and don’t use it for a while for any reason, that’s ok, you can always start again.
  • Cuddle and kiss them and tell them you love them even though they drive you crazy!