Targeted Early Intervention
Gunnedah Family Support provides support for families facing issues including problems with children’s behaviour, financial difficulties, access to training or employment and support in developing household routines and living skills in the areas of cooking, cleaning and budgeting.

We can provide support, advocacy, advice, information and referrals for clients to access other appropriate services in Gunnedah and beyond.

We believe that families and family members know what works in their own lives and our role is to help families make choices that build on their strengths and skills to work towards positive outcomes.

We support children, young people and their families through case management by assessing their strengths and needs, planning and coordinating a mix of services to assist them and, over time, checking to make sure it is effective and relevant to what the family needs.

We believe that all parents want their children to grow up to be strong, happy and healthy people who are resilient and have healthy self-esteem.

Families can expect an environment that ensures all people are treated with respect, dignity and empathy is welcoming, safe and respectful for people from all cultures and backgrounds and ensures that people have the right to participate in decision making about their lives and the services they and their community receive.

We provide practical skill development groups and accredited parenting programs that enable families and individuals to build on their skills and knowledge to help them have great outcomes for themselves and their communities.